Bamboo Fiber Waterproof Gloves

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Cleaning Gloves Befits You And Grips You!

Protect Your Hands & Get Rid Of Detergent Now!

Bamboo fiber dishwashing gloves make it easy to clean the oil of the dishes, plates and etc.
No need to worry that the gloves will be dirty, rinse with water, the gloves will be clean and still the new one. 
The advantages of washing dishes gloves: add velvet warmth, durable puncture, good elasticity, very flexible, skin-to-hand.
Saves Detergent: Use only a small amount for a long lasting lather
Highly Absorbent: Wipe away dish residue with ease
Bacteria Resistant: Reduces germs and odors
Simple Care: Run gloves through water to rinse away collected oils and residue
Fast Drying & Breathable: No more drips. Water evaporates quickly for convenient storage
Soft & Luxurious Feel: Don't worry about scratching your pots or pans
Waterproof: Lined with PEVA vinyl to keep hands dry
Multiple Uses: Works on various surfaces (e.g. sinks, countertops, oven range, etc...)
Use: Fiber dishwashing gloves
Material: Bamboo Fiber + sponge + peva
Size: One size, elastic & suitable for most people to use.
Dimension: 13 x 22.8cm
Weight: 20g
Special Attention:
1. Do not pull hard, avoid contact with sharp objects, so as not to pierce the lining.
2. Have a certain insulation effect, but please avoid contact with special hot items, so as not to burn hands. 
3. Dry and stiff, the water is soft, comfortable to wear, winter use please wash the dishes in warm waters is advisable.
Package Includes:
1 Pair X Dish Washing Gloves