Cement Nozzle Pump

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Introducing The Cement Nozzle Pump - Save Time And Work Effectively!

No more dripping or leftovers of cement with our Cement Nozzle Pump.
You can apply cement on the wall, door frame, in between bricks and etc with ease. This device is constructed with high-end ABS material on the frame, nozzle and handle.
As for the main shaft, it's made from stainless steel and high-density rubber for the suction/ vacuum socket.
There are handle design, easy to use, solid material, and durable.
4 different sizes of connectors, to facilitate your choice, so that the operation more convenient.
Stainless steel push rod, push and pull smoothly.
Strong sealing performance, wear resistance.
Strong handle, push and pull comfortable.
How To Use:
Simply just select the suitable nozzle and install it on the mainframe/pump and dip the nozzle into prep-cement, pull the handle backward to load the pump with cement.
Point the caulking pump onto the desired place and slowly push the handle forward to discharge the cement.
Material: ABS (body), Stainless Steel (push rod)
Color: Yellow Black
Package includes:
1 x Grouting Tool
4 x Nozzles