Mini False Eyelashes Stapler

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Get Instantly Sexy, Flirty a Flash!

This Mini False Eyelashes Stapler is a ground-breaking product. A false lash applicator with patent-pending design and technology that gives instantly sexy, flirty eyes that are bold, fuss free and fresh. It dispenses false lash buds and allows you to customize any length you want.


  • Holds 40 lash buds plus an extra four to play
  • Promises instant, hassle-free and glamour-on-the-go
  • No need to touch your lashes or glue when applying, definitely NO MESS!
  • Portable design and easy application


STEP 1: SCROLL. Scroll forward a few times until lashes begin to appear.

STEP 2: LOCK. When the lash is exposed halfway, press the top button to click closed and hold lashes in place. 

STEP 3: GLUE. Brush lash glue on the end of the lash buds and wait for 20-30 seconds for the glue to get sticky.

STEP 4: APPLY. Apply lashes by gently touching the ends of the lashes to your lash-line. 

STEP 5: RELEASE. Press the bottom button to release your false lashes and YOU'RE DONE!